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The Essential Guide to Employer-Based Telehealth Programs

Studies have shown that U.S. employers can save up to $6 billion annually by implementing employee telehealth programs as part of their benefits offerings. Such programs reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, and decrease healthcare costs for employers and employees alike. But how does an employer offer such a program?

“The Essential Guide to Employer-Based Telehealth Programs” will provide you with everything you need to know, as well as what essential elements you need to include in a telehealth initiative.

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About Us & Our Work in Telehealth

More Than a Decade of Leading the Telehealth Revolution

With well over a decade of experience in telehealth, the Advanced TeleHealth Solutions team of telemedicine experts provides monitoring services and a clinical ehealth infrastructure for businesses that are seeking telehealth solutions in order to lower healthcare costs and provide a premium care experience to patients and clients. Led by Karen Thomas, a home care and telehealth veteran, over 50,000 patients have benefited from better health outcomes, cost savings from technology, reduced readmissions, and more efficient operations.

Advanced TeleHealth Solutions leads the way in providing a gateway to the future in healthcare using a variety of telehealth solutions for businesses, hospitals, disease management organizations, and managed care companies – offering a telemedicine solution that meets each organization’s needs and gets results without the cost of creating a new system, adding resources, or having start-up time involved.

Learn more about our team, our history, or how you can become a part of the Advanced TeleHealth family:

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Chronic Heart Failure Study White Paper

Chronic Heart Failure Study White Paper

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ATHS Corporate Solutions Overview

ATHS Corporate Solutions Overview

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Patient Follow-Up Study White Paper

Patient Follow-Up Study White Paper

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The numbers from Advanced TeleHealth Solutions shows significant reductions in emergency room visits and re-hospitalizations, particularly for high-dollar patients.
Dr. Roy W. Holand
I don’t go to the hospital now because I’m able to check my vitals daily and I’m not afraid. I could barely function before, and now I feel safe. The staff is never in a hurry, never too busy for me. It’s a comfort to know that they are watching out for me. It’s like having a whole bunch of friends around all the time.
Vickie Stark
Telemonitoring has been very helpful. In the past, anytime a patient had a problem with blood pressure or a medicine had to be changed, it was very difficult to monitor, and many times we had to bring the patient back to the clinic or we had a nurse go check their blood pressure. Since telemonitoring, it’s really been very convenient, especially for the patients.
Dr. Ovais Zubair
By carefully monitoring the patient several times a day, Advanced TeleHealth Solutions could tell when it was time to make a home visit and administer care. As a result, the patient was much more comfortable and the home visits saved a trip to the hospital. With the budget crisis in the state of Missouri involving Medicaid state management, telemonitoring is such an inexpensive alternative to multiple trips to the emergency room or doctor’s office.
Jan Pelkey