Improving Health Services for Risk-Prone Industries

For those of us who live most of our lives in relative safety – who eat, sleep, work, and travel in the comfort of places familiar and safe to us – it can be all too easy to take our healthcare plans for granted. Currently, there are millions of Americans who are not afforded this luxury, who work difficult and [...]

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Integrating Telemonitoring Into Established Health Systems

For healthcare organizations with long histories and even longer patient lists, the prospect of revamping their entire health system can seem ridiculous. Why take the energy to reinvent the wheel when time and resources are already stretched so thin? Why invest in the technology of tomorrow when the technology of today seems to be working just fine? Around the world, [...]

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Getting Ahead of Diseases by Out-Thinking Them

Diseases are intelligent. They change, mutate, and develop new strategies to outsmart our medications. They adapt to resist treatments. And, because diseases tend to evolve faster than we can create new solutions for addressing them, the advantage, historically, does not fall in our favor. Getting ahead of diseases continues to be an uphill battle for the men and women who [...]

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Gaining Deeper Insights with Population Health Management

When the first telehealth systems were developed, they emerged from a growing need to transform the ways patients receive healthcare. Today, with population health management, this same principle can be applied to entire populations of patients to provide deeper insights into the causes and effects of health conditions and diseases. This approach to analyzing large segments of the population can [...]

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Reinforcing Hospital Care Through Telehealth

Telehealth is based in the understanding that the relationship between patients and caregivers – as well as the relationship between patients and their individual healthcare plans – must be strengthened to improve health outcomes. This tenet encompasses a wide range of factors, including medical expenses, disease management, education, at-home care, and in-hospital treatment. And, though telehealth has transformed the way [...]

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Bolstering Satisfaction Through At-Home Care

As technological advancements in medicine and healthcare continue to expand, the disconnect between doctors, nurses, and patients becomes ever larger. However, with the advent of telehealth, personal smart devices, and portable medical technologies, patients and organizations alike are being granted more freedom to customize their healthcare experience – which enhances, rather than detracts from, patient satisfaction. In fact, as new [...]

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Improving Chronic Disease Treatment Options

According to a study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly half of all American adults suffer from one or more chronic conditions. In 2014, seven of the top 10 causes of death in the United States were attributed to a chronic disease. These diseases include heart disease, cancer, stroke, COPD, and diabetes, which, together, are responsible [...]

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Bringing the Hospital Home

One of the greatest challenges of the healthcare industry is to find new and efficacious ways to bridge the gap between hospital care and in-home care. For years, in-home care has lacked the expertise of care offered through healthcare facilities. However, with the advent of telehealth programs, portable technologies, remote patient monitoring, and clinical health call center support, patients can [...]

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How Patient Education Can Improve Healthcare

When most people consider the things that regularly and negatively impact the healthcare system, they tend to focus on areas outside the patient’s control: high costs, overcrowded hospitals, insufficient technologies, medical malpractice, and so on. What is rarely considered is the role the patient plays in their own care and the understated power they have over improving their wellness and [...]

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Transforming Care for Heart Disease Patients

According to a study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 25% of all annual deaths in the United States are attributed to heart disease. This total – more than 600,000 deaths – has landed heart disease at the top of the list of most prevalent causes of death in this country. Heart disease is a complicated [...]

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