Eliminating Unnecessary Treatments and Expenses with Telehealth

Even with the most modern advancements in medicine and medical technology, seeking treatment remains a dismally inconsistent priority for many people suffering from disease and serious health complications. Lack of insurance coverage, looming medical expenses, and time spent visiting doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and specialists all contribute to the reasons why so many would-be patients avoid medical care. With chronic diseases [...]

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Straightening the Learning Curve Through Collaboration

To handle the scope of responsibilities that define a healthcare provider’s day-to-day operations, it is imperative that all organizations – big and small – develop partnerships with leaders in the medical and clinical industries. These partnerships give healthcare organizations much needed insight into new and emerging technologies, medications, and practices, as well as provide training services to help educate staff [...]

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The Hidden Advantages of Patient Satisfaction

At Advanced TeleHealth Solutions, we regard patient satisfaction as playing an integral role in improving the overall well-being of telehealth patients, as well as easing the efforts of healthcare providers. Conventionally, patient satisfaction has been viewed as a means to increase loyalty and reputation within healthcare organizations. As it pertains to telehealth patients, however – especially those dealing with one [...]

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Improving CHF Management Strategies Through Telehealth

When telehealth was first implemented in the 1960s and 1970s, limitations in technology and lack of financial backing kept it far from the workings of mainstream healthcare. Over the past several decades, however – as advancements in technology have allowed remote monitoring and web-based software to reach patient homes and private care facilities – telehealth has worked to not only [...]

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Alleviating Concerns Through CHF Management Programs

Every year, the healthcare industry is flooded with millions of dollars in unnecessary costs. These costs arise from various sources and often hinder the progress of those receiving, providing, and facilitating patient care. Largely, these costs are because of the pervasive trend in hospital readmissions among chronic disease patients. With conditions such as congestive heart failure (CHF), for instance, it [...]

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Reducing the Need for Hospitalization for Chronic Disease Patients

It is estimated that nearly 117 million Americans are living with one or more chronic diseases. The most prevalent of these diseases – heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory disease, and stroke – account for four of the five leading causes of death in this country. Also featured in the infamous top 10 list is diabetes; one of the most [...]

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Cost Savings Through Improved Patient Education

Traditionally, healthcare providers have approached cost savings by placing much of their emphasis on internal processes that directly impact their organizations. Medications, surgical devices, insurance plans, and employee compensation can significantly impact the overall expenses of an organization, and, for this reason, focus is often limited beyond these factors. However, in today’s healthcare industry, there has emerged a new [...]

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3 Ways Telehealth Improves Health Outcomes

Since its start, telehealth has flourished around the idea that the scope of the healthcare industry should not be limited to hospitals and doctor visits alone, but rather extended to the homes, workplaces, and day-to-day functions of patients. This approach to modernizing the ways we view and interact with healthcare has had significant impacts on several factors pertaining to [...]

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Securing Medication Compliance Through Remote Patient Monitoring

Medication noncompliance is a growing issue in the healthcare community, costing patients, healthcare providers, and insurers millions of dollars in expenses accrued by patients not adhering to their medications as prescribed. For patients struggling with memory loss because of dementia or Alzheimer’s – or those who are elderly or disabled – the likelihood of adhering to medications is reduced [...]

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Promoting Improved Care with Metabolic Syndrome Management Programs

Although metabolic syndrome is characterized as the combination of three or more medical conditions, the symptoms associated with these conditions are – for the most part – relatively easy to manage. High blood pressure, elevated triglycerides, elevated blood glucose levels, reduced HDL cholesterol, and central line obesity are all common and well-understood conditions, with procedures and medications specifically developed to [...]

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