The Impact of Telemonitoring on the Management of CHF Patients

Telemonitoring is a tool used to manage a wide range of conditions, diseases, and variables pertaining to individual health. It can be used as an adjunct to preventative medicine; aiding in an individual’s quest for healthier living through exercise, diet, and nutritional education. It can also be used to warn diabetes and cancer patients of changes in their vital signs, [...]

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How Telemonitoring Can Reduce Hospitalizations

There exists a paradox in the way we interact with modern technology. We praise our mobile devices as if they were essentials for us to live, while at the same time taking for granted the functions they perform, often to the point of anger and anxiety when they operate less than expected. For many of us, the thought of being [...]

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Using Telemonitoring to Reduce Healthcare Costs

The rising cost of healthcare in the United States is a topic of fervent conversation, and as we approach the upcoming presidential election, we are reminded of the power of its influence on political policy. News outlets, debates, and all manner of political conversations are laden with talks of healthcare reform; lowering costs, increasing coverage, and the role that government [...]

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Improvements in Diabetes Telemonitoring Programs

Since their inception, telemonitoring programs and services have made great advancements toward treating patients and streamlining communication between individuals and healthcare professionals. This is most evident through the improvements made in the treatment and monitoring of diabetes patients. Diabetes is a complex disease, often involving the analysis and treatment of several key data factors, including eyesight, kidney health, and blood [...]

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Improving Healthcare Outcomes Through Telemonitoring

It’s easy to become enamored with promises. A new product or service comes out revealing all the ways it will change our lives, all the ways it is superior to its predecessors and competition, and all too often we become so infatuated with the promise of change that we neglect to pay attention to the results. We become prey to [...]

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The Integration of Telemonitoring into Wellness Programs

Wellness programs are immensely beneficial for promoting healthy and happy workplace environments, and more and more companies are embracing tools and systems designed to help them better implement their plans into action. According to an article on, more than two-thirds of employers in the United States currently offer wellness programs to their employees, while an additional 8% of employers [...]

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The Impact of Remote Patient Monitoring on Disease Management

There is no shortage of information available online regarding the popularity of telemonitoring. At first glance, organizations providing and using remote patient monitoring services can seem boastful in their provision of statistics regarding the advancement of telehealth. Both patients and medical professionals agree on the benefits and ease of use associated with telemonitoring, and a quick Google search will reveal [...]

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Empowering the Diabetic Workforce

Diabetes is wreaking havoc with workforce productivity. More than a decade ago, two prominent and often-cited studies identified the severity of the problem, but not much has changed since then. The lost productivity and lost income identified in those studies 10 years ago continues to plague U.S. employers. Consider the findings from those two studies: A 2004 National Institutes of [...]

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Metabolic Syndrome Disease Management Strategies

We, as a society, crave convenience. So many of our daily conversations are focused on the fastest routes to work or which restaurants have the shortest wait times. So much of the content we view on news outlets and social media posts are saturated with articles boasting the latest tips and tricks and simple fixes. If there is a shortcut [...]

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The Big, Bright Future of Telemonitoring

By now, anyone in healthcare understands the benefits of telemonitoring – also called remote patient monitoring. Telemonitoring programs are vital to achieving the “triple aim” of healthcare, which is to improve patient outcomes, access to care, and the cost-effectiveness of the services provided. Telemonitoring technology can collect and monitor a wide range of data, including, for example, vital signs, blood [...]

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