Ensuring Patient Compliance with a URAC-Accredited Health Call Center

When considering the purpose of healthcare, it is all too easy to think in overly simplified terms (a patient doesn’t feel well, they go to the doctor, they receive treatment). Although healthcare is infinitely more complex – consisting of countless medical professionals and clinicians performing endless tasks throughout a multitude of healthcare organizations – many of us use this narrative [...]

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Lowering Mortality Rates by Reducing Hospitalizations

Each year in the United States, an estimated quarter of a million patients die from hospital-related medical errors. The causes of these errors range drastically; from lack of proper training and staff negligence to improper funding and faulty medical equipment. Regardless of the underlying causes, the expense of medical errors is astronomical, with some sources estimating annual figures upwards to [...]

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Alleviating Concerns Through CHF Management Programs

Every year, the healthcare industry is flooded with millions of dollars in unnecessary costs. These costs arise from various sources and often hinder the progress of those receiving, providing, and facilitating patient care. Largely, these costs are because of the pervasive trend in hospital readmissions among chronic disease patients. With conditions such as congestive heart failure (CHF), for instance, it [...]

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Simplifying Diabetes Patient Management for Providers

The goal of any healthcare organization is to maintain and improve the well-being of its patients. This is done in a number of ways, from the implementation of evidence-based and best-practice patient care pathways to investments in the latest healthcare technologies, devices, and ancillary services. One such technology, and arguably one that is having the most-profound impact on the way [...]

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Overcoming the Tide of COPD Complications Through Telehealth

Treating COPD symptoms can be difficult because of the disease’s slow, progressive nature. In fact, many patients living with COPD are entirely unaware of their condition, as symptoms are often overlooked. Most cases are discovered only during advanced stages, when symptoms are severe and management is difficult. To overcome COPD complications and slow its progression, it is important that healthcare [...]

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Building Customized Telehealth Solutions Through Collaboration

It is in the best interest of healthcare organizations to develop methods and procedures that can be used universally throughout large segments of their patient populations. Because of the large demand and the constant stream of new patients that populate the thousands of hospitals, private practices, and other clinics throughout the country, it is beneficial for organizations to use systems [...]

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Increasing Patient Satisfaction Through Improved Health Outcomes

The aftereffects of healthcare practices are immediate, significant, and often intractable. There is little room for leniency when dealing with patient health, and – for better or worse – decisions made by doctors, nurses, clinicians, and other healthcare professionals in the field have profound consequences on the wellness and safety of the patients they treat. Likewise, notable improvements in individualized [...]

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Lowering Healthcare Costs for Employers and Employees

At its core, telehealth is a tool for improving quality of life, treatment, and individual access to healthcare. Through supporting these principles and providing patients with effective and prompt medical care, telehealth has expanded to address various related concerns, including inflated healthcare costs and insurance premiums. These costs negatively impact patients, providers, and employers alike, and only serve to add [...]

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Reducing Hospitalizations by Advancing Patient Education and Self-Care

The success of telehealth has largely been an outgrowth of the need to improve healthcare outcomes and reduce costs. As telehealth continues to grow and ehealth technology evolves, opportunities that weren’t obvious before are pushed to the forefront. One such opportunity is helping patients understand the role they play in managing their own healthcare. By providing patients with advanced education [...]

A Clinician’s Role in Improving Telehealth Outcomes

Since its inception, telehealth has continued to evolve to fulfill countless functions within the healthcare community; improving the quality of life for chronic disease patients, enhancing corporate wellness programs, minimizing the need for patient transportation, lowering healthcare costs, reducing hospitalizations, and much more. However, technological advancements alone did not enable these accomplishments; they were largely enabled by a transforming healthcare [...]

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