Increasing Patient Satisfaction Through Improved Health Outcomes

The aftereffects of healthcare practices are immediate, significant, and often intractable. There is little room for leniency when dealing with patient health, and – for better or worse – decisions made by doctors, nurses, clinicians, and other healthcare professionals in the field have profound consequences on the wellness and safety of the patients they treat. Likewise, notable improvements in individualized [...]

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Lowering Healthcare Costs for Employers and Employees

At its core, telehealth is a tool for improving quality of life, treatment, and individual access to healthcare. Through supporting these principles and providing patients with effective and prompt medical care, telehealth has expanded to address various related concerns, including inflated healthcare costs and insurance premiums. These costs negatively impact patients, providers, and employers alike, and only serve to add [...]

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Reducing Hospitalizations by Advancing Patient Education and Self-Care

The success of telehealth has largely been an outgrowth of the need to improve healthcare outcomes and reduce costs. As telehealth continues to grow and ehealth technology evolves, opportunities that weren’t obvious before are pushed to the forefront. One such opportunity is helping patients understand the role they play in managing their own healthcare. By providing patients with advanced education [...]

A Clinician’s Role in Improving Telehealth Outcomes

Since its inception, telehealth has continued to evolve to fulfill countless functions within the healthcare community; improving the quality of life for chronic disease patients, enhancing corporate wellness programs, minimizing the need for patient transportation, lowering healthcare costs, reducing hospitalizations, and much more. However, technological advancements alone did not enable these accomplishments; they were largely enabled by a transforming healthcare [...]

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Improving Patient Engagement Through Remote Patient Monitoring

Healthcare providers and professionals are constantly seeking the most effective means for improving patient engagement and deepening the patient relationship. Why? Because there is a very real connection between patient engagement and an improvement in health outcomes. The more involved patients are in their own care, the greater the likelihood that these same patients will achieve their healthcare goals. Telehealth, [...]

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Treating Metabolic Syndrome Patients Through Individualized Coaching

Metabolic syndrome is a relatively new health condition affecting nearly one-third of all adults in the United States, and is a potential precursor to life-threatening diseases such as diabetes and congestive heart failure. Because of its wide scope of severity and multitude of contributing factors, metabolic syndrome can prove difficult to treat, especially when limited to the resources of traditional [...]

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From Hospital to Home: How a URAC-Accredited Health Call Center Can Ease the Transition

The transition from hospital care to home can be difficult, especially for patients suffering from chronic illnesses or recovering from recent surgical procedures. Because of the severity of their conditions, patients recently discharged from hospitals are inordinately vulnerable to the myriad complications, infections, and illnesses responsible for countless hospital readmissions each year. With the help of a URAC-accredited health call [...]

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Increasing Rates of Early Detection in Diabetes Patients

Regarding the most pervasive diseases affecting patients today, diabetes proves to be one of the most under-diagnosed and neglected. Of the estimated 29.1 million people living with diabetes in the United States alone, nearly 28% are undiagnosed. This accounts for more than eight million men, women, and children completely unaware of – and therefor further endangered by – their illness. [...]

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The Value a Telehealth Partner Can Bring to an Organization

As healthcare organizations grow, they become more intricate, expanding their search for resources beyond the confines of their practices, and partnering with firms and professionals dedicated to supporting their operations. This, of course, is done out of necessity. Stretched too thin, organizations begin to fail. Collaboration, on the other hand, allows organizations to focus on their responsibilities while permitting trusted [...]

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Detecting COPD Complications Remotely Through Telehealth

When evaluating the pervasiveness of a disease and its effects on a broad segment of the population, it is far too easy to limit our focus on generalities. Who is most affected by this disease? How many people have it? What is its mortality rate? While these questions are certainly important to the overall examination process – especially when dealing [...]

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