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Karen R. Thomas is the President of Advanced TeleHealth Solutions. In 2004, she developed and secured funding for the first Medicaid-covered telemonitoring program within the Disease Management Department for the State of Missouri. Seeing the need that various industries had for cost-saving solutions that could provide improved health outcomes for patients, she began Advanced TeleHealth Solutions in 2011.

Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Choices for Patients

By | 2017-11-16T18:00:35+00:00 November 22nd, 2017|Patient Satisfaction|

When telehealth first evolved as an adjunct to traditional healthcare practices, it did so through a growing need for improved patient-caregiver relationships. Overcrowded hospitals and overworked staff created an increasing disconnect between caregivers and patients. This resulted in increased medical errors, higher healthcare costs, underserved patients, and an overall decline in health outcomes. Through telehealth services, the healthcare industry has [...]

Encouraging Heart Health Through Telehealth Services

By | 2017-11-16T18:00:42+00:00 November 15th, 2017|CHF Management|

In the United States, matters of heart health have become increasingly troublesome, as heart disease tops the charts as the single-most prevalent cause of death among Americans. Coronary artery disease, cardiac arrest, and congestive heart failure all contribute to the largest health epidemic ever to face this country. Without proper treatment options, the tide of heart disease will continue to [...]

3 Ways Telehealth Caters to Chronic Disease Patients

By | 2017-11-16T18:01:00+00:00 November 8th, 2017|Benefits of Telehealth|

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving to adapt to new demands. Rising healthcare costs, growing populations, underserved communities, emerging patient concerns, and various other complications keep healthcare organizations always seeking better methods for providing care. It is important that healthcare procedures and technologies advance quickly enough to address these issues before they cause serious and costly setbacks. For chronic disease [...]

Telehealth: A Breath of Fresh Air for COPD Patients

By | 2017-11-16T18:01:20+00:00 November 1st, 2017|COPD|

Over the past several years, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) has cemented itself as one of the most dire and deadly diseases among U.S. patients. Each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated 12 million adults are diagnosed with either chronic bronchitis or emphysema, resulting in an average of 147,000 deaths nationwide. The need to find evermore [...]

Reducing Expenses Through Remote Patient Monitoring

By | 2017-11-16T18:02:50+00:00 October 25th, 2017|Cost of Telemedicine|

According to a report published by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), total U.S. health expenditures in 2016 reached a staggering $3.4 trillion, a 4.8 percent increase from 2015. Even more astonishing, the report estimates that, by 2025, national healthcare spending could top out at $5.5 trillion. As populations continue to grow and healthcare demands continue to intensify, there [...]

Using Portable Technology to Foster Improved Health Outcomes

By | 2017-11-16T18:03:05+00:00 October 18th, 2017|Telehealth Technology|

In a world where we experience so much of our lives through the extension of our phones and other portable devices, patience for outmoded services is declining. We live in a time of instant gratification. A time dictated by the ease in which we communicate and interact with every aspect of our daily lives. Professions that don’t adhere to this [...]

The Impact of eHealth on Diabetes Patients

By | 2017-11-16T18:03:17+00:00 October 11th, 2017|Diabetes Management|

Of all the chronic health issues plaguing Americans, none is quite as demanding or as challenging to address as diabetes. For starters, diabetes is extremely difficult to diagnose compared to other diseases. As many of its initial effects on the body relay little to no visible signs, diabetes patients often go entirely undiagnosed for years. According to a study published [...]

Private Labeling Your Telehealth System

By | 2017-11-16T18:03:31+00:00 October 4th, 2017|Telehealth Outsourcing|

Telehealth is well-known as a viable solution for treating certain chronic illnesses, lowering expenses, fostering healthier workplace environments, and much more. Telehealth is continuing to grow as one of the most modern approaches to healthcare, and its uses are varied and known to greatly benefit patients, providers, insurers, and entire healthcare organizations. And one of the most useful ways Advanced [...]

Reinforcing Corporate Wellness Programs

By | 2017-08-30T12:16:31+00:00 September 20th, 2017|Employee Wellness|

When employees become sick, everyone is affected. For employees, regularly missing work because of illness and scheduled doctor visits results in lower pay, potential loss of insurance coverage, and additional stress that can worsen health conditions. For employers experiencing high rates of absenteeism, the results can lead to loss of revenue, slower production, and an overall weakening of workplace morale. [...]

Improving Health Outcomes with Mobile and Portable Technology

By | 2017-08-18T14:21:57+00:00 September 13th, 2017|Telehealth Perspectives|

As we continue to advance further into an age of mobile technology and data sharing, more and more of our daily routines and responsibilities will become integrated into our continuously modernized lifestyles. Newly emerging apps, devices, and methods for performing tasks through web-based systems will, inevitably, envelop every aspect of our lives. We have seen this already with activities such [...]

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