Bolstering Satisfaction Through At-Home Care

As technological advancements in medicine and healthcare continue to expand, the disconnect between doctors, nurses, and patients becomes ever larger. However, with the advent of telehealth, personal smart devices, and portable medical technologies, patients and organizations alike are being granted more freedom to customize their healthcare experience – which enhances, rather than detracts from, patient satisfaction.

In fact, as new technology allows patients to seek care from the comfort of their homes, the impact of satisfaction on healthcare organizations is becoming stronger than ever before.

By investing in tools designed to improve patient satisfaction – such as remote patient monitoring, clinical health call center assistance, and disease education – healthcare providers not only can improve the health and happiness of their patients, but also boost the performances of their internal processes.

Using Virtual Consultations to Soothe Patient Concerns

The majority of the healthcare system in the United States is dedicated to treating patients with one or more chronic conditions. These patients are intimately familiar with the benefits and the pitfalls of healthcare practices, as they often need near-constant attention to maintain their health status.

Typically, when patients seek the advice of their healthcare professionals, they are limited to scheduling in-office appointments, or receiving care through hospitalization. Not surprisingly, these methods are hardly an ideal way for patients to receive medical information that can shift the progress of their health conditions, not to mention the amount of time patients must take away from their work and personal lives to receive this information.

Through telehealth and virtual consultations, patients are given access to medical information and education on a 24-hour-a-day basis. And, when medical providers aren’t personally available, clinical health call centers help supplement after-hours inquiries. This constant cycle of access to pertinent information is essential for guaranteeing the health of patients living with sensitive issues such as congestive heart failure, COPD, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

By transforming the way patients receive care, telehealth has hearkened back to the original principals of healthcare: to prioritize the treatment, comfort, and satisfaction of patients above all else.

About Karen Thomas

Karen Thomas is a certified management accountant and the president of Advanced TeleHealth Solutions, one of the leading telehealth monitoring companies in the U.S. Karen is a nationally renowned speaker, a lecturer for Missouri State University’s graduate-level Health Care Administration program, and a contributing author to, “Home Telehealth: Connecting Care Within the Community,” published by Royal Society of Medicine Press Ltd. Karen has appeared on numerous webinars and has spoken at dozens of conferences on the benefits of remote patient monitoring, generating enhanced clinical outcomes, patient engagement, and coordination of care. She is a member of the Missouri Governors Innovation Task Force, a past board member of the National Association for Home Care and Private Duty Home Care Association, a member of the American Telemedicine Association and the American Society on Aging, and a past ex-officio member of the advisory board of HealthCare Technology Association of America.

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