Using Telemonitoring to Reduce Healthcare Costs

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The rising cost of healthcare in the United States is a topic of fervent conversation, and as we approach the upcoming presidential election, we are reminded of the power of its influence on political policy. News outlets, debates, and all manner of political conversations are laden with talks of healthcare reform; lowering costs, increasing coverage, and the role that government [...]

Remote Patient Monitoring Services: Build or Buy?

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For many years, healthcare executives have questioned whether it is better to build or buy remote patient monitoring solutions as a strategy for reducing E.R, visits, hospital re-admissions, and more. After all, hospitals and home health agencies are incented by Medicare to reduce unnecessary readmissions, and nearly all healthcare leaders agree that telemonitoring is an effective solution. The question, though, [...]

Reducing Expenses Through Remote Patient Monitoring

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According to a report published by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), total U.S. health expenditures in 2016 reached a staggering $3.4 trillion, a 4.8 percent increase from 2015. Even more astonishing, the report estimates that, by 2025, national healthcare spending could top out at $5.5 trillion. As populations continue to grow and healthcare demands continue to intensify, there [...]

5 Ways Telehealth Can Reduce Healthcare Costs

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Aside from providing patients 24/7 access to healthcare outside of medical facilities, improving communication through remote consultations, and empowering both individuals and businesses with the ability to personalize their own ehealth systems, telehealth offers great opportunities for healthcare cost savings. For patients, providers, and employers alike, telehealth is effective at reducing hospitalizations, workplace absences, and many other costly scenarios plaguing [...]

What Impact Can Telehealth Have on Your Business?

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What is telehealth worth? What kind of ROI can I expect to see from a telemedicine program? Does it work? These are questions we hear a lot at conferences and when meeting with healthcare professionals who are considering implementing a telehealth program. Some early telehealth adopters say the technology just didn’t work for them. First, if you were an early [...]

Surprising Telehealth Statistics & What They Mean for Your Organization

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In a recent blog post, we noted that telemedicine is helping hospitals double their revenue. Thanks to the rise of telehealth, the delivery of health information and services is being transformed across the healthcare industry and the numbers are surprising. […]