Reinforcing Hospital Care Through Telehealth

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Telehealth is based in the understanding that the relationship between patients and caregivers – as well as the relationship between patients and their individual healthcare plans – must be strengthened to improve health outcomes. This tenet encompasses a wide range of factors, including medical expenses, disease management, education, at-home care, and in-hospital treatment. And, though telehealth has transformed the way [...]

A Clinician’s Role in Improving Telehealth Outcomes

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Since its inception, telehealth has continued to evolve to fulfill countless functions within the healthcare community; improving the quality of life for chronic disease patients, enhancing corporate wellness programs, minimizing the need for patient transportation, lowering healthcare costs, reducing hospitalizations, and much more. However, technological advancements alone did not enable these accomplishments; they were largely enabled by a transforming healthcare [...]

How Telehealth Can Reduce the Prevalence of Hospital-Acquired Infections

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In 2014, the New England Journal of Medicine published a survey that found an estimated 722,000 cases of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) reported in 2011 by 183 participating hospitals. These results contained cases of pneumonia, gastrointestinal illness, urinary tract infections, primary bloodstream infections, surgical site infections from inpatient surgeries, and nearly 119,000 cases of various other infections. Of these nearly three [...]

The Impact of Telehealth on Physician Practices

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As information technology continues to grow and become more established within the healthcare industry, so grows the popularity and prevalence of telehealth services and devices. Though certainly not a new emergence in the world of healthcare, over recent years telehealth – or remote patient monitoring – has continued to expand steadily, providing patients with improved, at-home care while offering physicians [...]