Can the Patient Experience Be a Driver for Remote Patient Monitoring?

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Adapting eHealth solutions to support healthcare practices can offer a host of benefits throughout the healthcare system. Services such as corporate wellness and disease management programs can fundamentally alter patient health while reducing costs and preventing hospitalizations. Likewise, tools such as clinical health call center assistance can help bridge the gap between patients and their providers while reducing expenditures and [...]

The Hidden Benefits of Improved Patient Satisfaction

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A great mistake in healthcare is that providers often view patient satisfaction as a related benefit to effective care management when, in fact, it is usually the other way around. The link between mental health, acuity, and physical well-being has long been recognized by healthcare experts. When people are happy, they tend to be healthy. When people are upset, depressed, [...]

Bolstering Satisfaction Through At-Home Care

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As technological advancements in medicine and healthcare continue to expand, the disconnect between doctors, nurses, and patients becomes ever larger. However, with the advent of telehealth, personal smart devices, and portable medical technologies, patients and organizations alike are being granted more freedom to customize their healthcare experience – which enhances, rather than detracts from, patient satisfaction. In fact, as new [...]

How Patient Education Can Improve Healthcare

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When most people consider the things that regularly and negatively impact the healthcare system, they tend to focus on areas outside the patient’s control: high costs, overcrowded hospitals, insufficient technologies, medical malpractice, and so on. What is rarely considered is the role the patient plays in their own care and the understated power they have over improving their wellness and [...]

Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Choices for Patients

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When telehealth first evolved as an adjunct to traditional healthcare practices, it did so through a growing need for improved patient-caregiver relationships. Overcrowded hospitals and overworked staff created an increasing disconnect between caregivers and patients. This resulted in increased medical errors, higher healthcare costs, underserved patients, and an overall decline in health outcomes. Through telehealth services, the healthcare industry has [...]

The Hidden Advantages of Patient Satisfaction

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At Advanced TeleHealth Solutions, we regard patient satisfaction as playing an integral role in improving the overall well-being of telehealth patients, as well as easing the efforts of healthcare providers. Conventionally, patient satisfaction has been viewed as a means to increase loyalty and reputation within healthcare organizations. As it pertains to telehealth patients, however – especially those dealing with one [...]

Increasing Patient Satisfaction Through Improved Health Outcomes

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The aftereffects of healthcare practices are immediate, significant, and often intractable. There is little room for leniency when dealing with patient health, and – for better or worse – decisions made by doctors, nurses, clinicians, and other healthcare professionals in the field have profound consequences on the wellness and safety of the patients they treat. Likewise, notable improvements in individualized [...]

Improving Patient Engagement Through Remote Patient Monitoring

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Healthcare providers and professionals are constantly seeking the most effective means for improving patient engagement and deepening the patient relationship. Why? Because there is a very real connection between patient engagement and an improvement in health outcomes. The more involved patients are in their own care, the greater the likelihood that these same patients will achieve their healthcare goals. Telehealth, [...]