How to Improve the Management of Patients with Chronic Diseases

By |2018-04-03T07:23:31+00:00April 11th, 2018|Telehealth Outsourcing|

According to an MIT research study, by the year 2020, half of the population of the United States will suffer from a chronic disease. It is estimated that the costs incurred by these numbers will account for nearly 80% of all healthcare spending, including indirect costs. Though these projections are staggering to consider, their roots are as real as they [...]

Customizing Your Telehealth Services Through Collaboration

By |2017-12-15T08:32:19+00:00January 10th, 2018|Telehealth Outsourcing|

Healthcare is a complicated field that incorporates seemingly infinite variables, details, and requirements. For healthcare organizations big and small, ranging from broad coverage to more concentrated areas of expertise, daily setbacks and difficulties can make providing care an arduous task. Without the proper support and techniques, these issues can have devastating impacts on the performances of healthcare organizations, as well [...]

Private Labeling Your Telehealth System

By |2017-11-16T18:03:31+00:00October 4th, 2017|Telehealth Outsourcing|

Telehealth is well-known as a viable solution for treating certain chronic illnesses, lowering expenses, fostering healthier workplace environments, and much more. Telehealth is continuing to grow as one of the most modern approaches to healthcare, and its uses are varied and known to greatly benefit patients, providers, insurers, and entire healthcare organizations. And one of the most useful ways Advanced [...]

Straightening the Learning Curve Through Collaboration

By |2017-08-18T12:19:24+00:00August 9th, 2017|Telehealth Outsourcing|

To handle the scope of responsibilities that define a healthcare provider’s day-to-day operations, it is imperative that all organizations – big and small – develop partnerships with leaders in the medical and clinical industries. These partnerships give healthcare organizations much needed insight into new and emerging technologies, medications, and practices, as well as provide training services to help educate staff [...]

The Value a Telehealth Partner Can Bring to an Organization

By |2017-03-16T16:45:37+00:00February 22nd, 2017|Telehealth Outsourcing|

As healthcare organizations grow, they become more intricate, expanding their search for resources beyond the confines of their practices, and partnering with firms and professionals dedicated to supporting their operations. This, of course, is done out of necessity. Stretched too thin, organizations begin to fail. Collaboration, on the other hand, allows organizations to focus on their responsibilities while permitting trusted [...]

Maintaining Control Through Telehealth Outsourcing

By |2017-08-18T12:16:48+00:00February 8th, 2017|Telehealth Outsourcing|

By design, healthcare organizations are complex and intricate things, consisting of dozens or hundreds of medical and clinical professionals, nurses, technicians, and other specialized experts. These individuals work together through various webs and networks to solve problems, manage information, assess health outcomes, handle operational costs, maintain relationships with outside entities, and determine the most effective and trusted ways to care [...]

The Key to a Successful Telehealth Program is in the Deployment

By |2017-08-18T12:17:00+00:00February 16th, 2015|Telehealth Outsourcing|

Telehealth could prove to be one of the biggest buzz words of 2015. Due to predictions that the number of patients using telehealth will hit 7 million by the year 2018, businesses are scrambling to create devices that can keep up with the high demand. Every day new technologies are being developed by a host of companies already competing or [...]

From Silos to Solidarity: The New Norm in Healthcare

By |2017-03-16T17:15:19+00:00June 25th, 2014|Telehealth Outsourcing|

Historically, healthcare has been keenly adept at achieving highly focused and specialized solutions. Focus and specialization literally permeated the culture, hierarchy, and structure of healthcare for decades. Today, some critics might have another way to describe how healthcare has traditionally operated – in silos. Collaboration within the healthcare community used to be an often discussed, but seldom practiced idea. Yet [...]

Telehealth Solutions: Innovative Staffing

By |2017-11-25T07:41:28+00:00May 22nd, 2014|Telehealth Outsourcing|

Big things are happening in the telehealth industry lately, and recent revenue projections and adoption into the healthcare continuum show that telehealth and telemedicine will continue to move in positive directions in the coming years. The biggest buzz within the industry the past few years has been about telehealth’s unique ability to reduce hospital readmission [...]

Can eHealth Prevent a Caregiver Crisis?

By |2017-08-18T12:15:52+00:00April 7th, 2014|Telehealth Outsourcing|

According to employment projections recently released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, personal care aides and home health aides top the list of occupations expected to grow by nearly 50 percent between 2012 and 2022. That’s a combined total of over one million caregiver jobs in the next eight years for America’s senior population. These numbers are an eye opener [...]

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