Reinforcing Corporate Wellness Programs

When employees become sick, everyone is affected. For employees, regularly missing work because of illness and scheduled doctor visits results in lower pay, potential loss of insurance coverage, and additional stress that can worsen health conditions. For employers experiencing high rates of absenteeism, the results can lead to loss of revenue, slower production, and an overall weakening of workplace morale. It is beneficial, therefore, for both healthcare patients and their employers to take part in corporate wellness programs designed to keep employees healthy, at work, and productive.

Corporate wellness programs use telehealth monitoring services and virtual consultations to provide employees in need better access to their healthcare professionals. And while improved access to healthcare coaching is beneficial for fostering healthier lifestyle choices, it is the support of remote patient monitoring services and health call centers that truly makes corporate wellness an effective tool for promoting prolonged patient care.

How Patients Benefit from Corporate Wellness Programs

For patients dealing with sensitive health conditions such as congestive heart failure or diabetes, missing work is hardly an option. Using telehealth services and remote treatment, however, patients can take advantage of corporate wellness programs to schedule consultations during working hours to forgo doctor visits. For employees enrolled in a corporate wellness program that employs the assistance of a health call center (especially one with a URAC accreditation), access to lifestyle coaching, disease education, and other pertinent healthcare information is available on a near-constant basis.

By integrating remote patient monitoring into a corporate wellness program, organizations can also ensure that their employees receive regular consultations with healthcare professionals. These consultations, performed during working hours, are designed to keep employees happy and healthy, while eliminating the need for workplace absences caused by in-office doctor appointments.

Healthcare expenses can also be extremely troubling to a patient dealing with an ongoing illness. By missing work and using out of pocket expenses for copays associated with hospital and doctor visits, the troubles can grow exponentially. With the aid of corporate wellness programs and remote patient monitoring, patients can spend less days away from work and more days dedicated to improving their health.

How Employers Benefit from Corporate Wellness Programs

As rates of chronic illnesses continue to rise, more and more employers are experiencing the regular absences of their employees because of medical issues. By providing their employees a resource for receiving treatment and partaking in consultations with their healthcare professionals, employers can drastically reduce rates of workplace absenteeism. This will act to raise revenue, keep workplace morale high, and cut down on unnecessary expenses.

Corporate wellness programs are also terrific options for lowering costs associated with insurers.

In addition to improving the overall health of its employees and preventing undue expenses, corporate wellness programs can help modernize the culture within an organization. The past several years – especially with the arrival of online giants such as Google and Facebook – has seen many changes in the way people value the typical workplace environment. Adapting to corporate wellness programs paired with remote patient monitoring and health call center support – and offering employees healthy alternatives to unhealthy dietary and lifestyle choices – can transform the way staff, patients, and consumers view an organization’s competency and dedication to its workforce.

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Karen Thomas is the president of Advanced TeleHealth Solutions, one of the leading telehealth monitoring companies in the U.S. In 2004, she developed and secured funding for the first Medicaid-covered telehealth monitoring program within the Disease Management Department for the State of Missouri. Seeing the need that various industries had for cost-saving solutions that could provide improved health outcomes for patients, she began Advanced TeleHealth Solutions in 2011. Thomas is an expert on diabetes telehealth programs and a nationally renowned speaker, using her expertise in telehealth monitoring to educate hospitals, home health agencies, and other companies and organizations about the benefits of telemedicine solutions.

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