Improvements in Chronic Disease Management Strategies

No matter their severity, all health conditions bring with them added stresses and concerns that can quickly exasperate a patient’s physical and mental state. These concerns can range from the uncertainty of a treatment plan, difficulty paying lofty medical bills, or time spent in and out of hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other health facilities.

With isolated illnesses and injuries, these added concerns can be trouble enough, but with chronic diseases that require constant, life-long attention and treatment, any added stress can have untold effects on the well-being and safety of a patient.

At Advanced TeleHealth Solutions, our mission is to alleviate these concerns by providing patients and caregivers alike a portal through which healthcare treatment strategies can be more effectively implemented at a distance. This not only improves the overall health of the patient, but also maintains their health by keeping them free of the trappings of conventional healthcare practices.

Here is an example of two chronic diseases and how Advanced TeleHealth Solutions greatly improves the management strategies for each.

CHF Management Strategies

Congestive heart failure remains one of the most devastating diseases affecting patients today. In fact, nearly 5.7 million Americans are currently living with heart failure, making it the leading cause of death in the United States. As CHF is a sensitive condition that is easily made worse by other health conditions – even those as relatively harmless as the common cold – it is imperative that CHF management strategies be undertaken outside of hospitals and doctors’ offices, where illness is rampant and the risks of acquiring additional illnesses are high.

Advanced TeleHealth Solutions offers CHF management programs that are designed to keep patients calm, comfortable, and free to live their daily lives as they wish. Through lifestyle coaching, disease education, and virtual doctor consultations, CHF patients can receive pertinent health data and care at the convenience of their personal computers and portable devices.

Diabetes Management Strategies

Also on top of the list of deadliest diseases in the United States, diabetes runs rampant in this country, affecting a staggering 29.1 million people. To put it into perspective, that is just shy of 10% of the entire population of the United States. Men, women, and children alike are dealing with the toll of this horrible disease in record numbers, and a surprisingly low percentage of these sufferers are completely unaware of their conditions.

Advanced TeleHealth Solutions helps ease the pain of diabetes patients, as well as the burden of healthcare providers, by offering diabetes management programs that bring revolutionary medical services directly to a patient’s home. Patients are even coached to take their own blood glucose levels and administer their own insulin injections, thereby eliminating so many of the traditional doctor visits that currently plague the diabetes community.

To find out more about disease management strategies and the vast benefits of a personalized ehealth program, contact Advanced TeleHealth Solutions today.

About Karen Thomas

Karen Thomas is the president of Advanced TeleHealth Solutions. In 2004, she developed and secured funding for the first Medicaid-covered telehealth monitoring program within the Disease Management Department for the State of Missouri. Seeing the need that various industries had for cost-saving solutions that could provide improved health outcomes for patients, she began Advanced TeleHealth Solutions in 2011. Thomas is an expert on diabetes telehealth programs and a nationally renowned speaker, using her expertise in telehealth monitoring to educate hospitals, home health agencies, and other companies and organizations about the benefits of telemedicine solutions.

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