Integrating Telemonitoring Into Established Health Systems

For healthcare organizations with long histories and even longer patient lists, the prospect of revamping their entire health system can seem ridiculous. Why take the energy to reinvent the wheel when time and resources are already stretched so thin? Why invest in the technology of tomorrow when the technology of today seems to be working just fine?

Around the world, the relationship between advanced technology and healthcare has been growing ever stronger. Each year, more patients are relying on portable devices and web-based systems for interacting with their caregivers, filling prescriptions, and receiving health services without having to leave their homes or places of work.

In some places, this change has been gradual. In others – primarily in cities with larger populations and greater needs for improved healthcare technology – the change has been steady and rewarding. With telemonitoring, no matter the scope of change or speed at which it is implemented, healthcare organizations can integrate new services into their preexisting systems without dealing with interruptions or setbacks.

How Telemonitoring Can Enhance the Efficacy of Your Current Health System

The idea behind telemonitoring is to provide improved care to patients by supporting the efforts of healthcare providers. Tools such as remote patient monitoring, clinical health call centers, and collaboration with leaders in the medical and technological industries help ease the stresses of healthcare organizations in order to better manage practices and care options for patients.

Through training programs, telehealth and telemonitoring specialists work directly with organizational leaders to help analyze their services, recognize areas of concern, and transition from older, more antiquated performances to those which are designed to navigate modern concerns.

Pairing web-based solutions with portable technologies and 24/7 clinical assistance, telemonitoring allows providers more freedoms and less constraints than with traditional healthcare practices. And through collaborating with both new and established experts in the healthcare industry, telemonitoring establishes an environment in which continuously searching for improved healthcare methods is valued above all else.

Customize Your Health Systems to Meet Your Needs

Because of the malleable nature of telemonitoring, healthcare organizations partnering with telehealth providers are not restricted to set packages that might not suite their needs. Instead, healthcare organizations are granted the freedom to choose which services match their demands. From there, chosen services can be molded to fit the requirements of the organization and ensure that all involved are well-versed and confident in their new systems.

Fully customizing an already existing health system with telemonitoring services guarantees that new services are implemented to support old performances, and that patients are receiving the best possible quality of care, comfort, and satisfaction.

About Karen Thomas

Karen Thomas is a certified management accountant and the president of Advanced TeleHealth Solutions, one of the leading telehealth monitoring companies in the U.S. Karen is a nationally renowned speaker, a lecturer for Missouri State University’s graduate-level Health Care Administration program, and a contributing author to, “Home Telehealth: Connecting Care Within the Community,” published by Royal Society of Medicine Press Ltd. Karen has appeared on numerous webinars and has spoken at dozens of conferences on the benefits of remote patient monitoring, generating enhanced clinical outcomes, patient engagement, and coordination of care. She is a member of the Missouri Governors Innovation Task Force, a past board member of the National Association for Home Care and Private Duty Home Care Association, a member of the American Telemedicine Association and the American Society on Aging, and a past ex-officio member of the advisory board of HealthCare Technology Association of America.

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