Private Labeling Your Telehealth System

Telehealth is well-known as a viable solution for treating certain chronic illnesses, lowering expenses, fostering healthier workplace environments, and much more. Telehealth is continuing to grow as one of the most modern approaches to healthcare, and its uses are varied and known to greatly benefit patients, providers, insurers, and entire healthcare organizations. And one of the most useful ways Advanced TeleHealth Solutions offers its clients improved service is by tailoring telehealth systems, including remote patient monitoring and clinical call center support, specifically to an organization’s needs and established brand.

Building Trust Through Private Labeling

Whether through a hospital, private care facility, or nursing home, patients entrust their well-being to professionals dedicated to improving their health and enriching their lives. And, like with everything else in the world, patients want to feel a sense of connection and loyalty with their healthcare providers. If patients are kept in the dark or made to feel as though their treatment is sub-par or ineffective, then the consequences are not only dire to their wellness, but also to the general perception of those providing care.

At Advanced TeleHealth Solutions, healthcare organizations big and small are given the opportunity to market and present their remote patient monitoring and clinical call center services as their own. This approach to private labeling not only instills trust on part of the patient, but also helps set services apart from competitors and other healthcare options.

Seamlessly Integrating Your Private Labeled Telehealth System

Advanced TeleHealth Solutions is dedicated to always providing its clients with support and training programs to ensure optimal performance. By working directly with organizational leaders and staff, Advanced TeleHealth Solutions will improve education on all pertinent systems, as well as help integrate these systems into an organization’s preexisting services. This is designed to maintain quality performance without interrupting operations or creating unnecessary and harmful barriers.

Private labeling is a technique used throughout various arenas, and it is extremely useful in building trust in brands and organizations. This could not be more useful when it comes to the healthcare field, as patients who are distrustful of healthcare organizations will quickly seek alternatives for treatment, which can harm both the individual patient and the providers. Promoting trust, on the other hand, will keep patients coming back for treatment and satisfied with their overall experience.

The Importance of Telehealth Customization

Advanced TeleHealth Solutions understands that healthcare organizations have different demands that need to be met in order to operate effectively. These specific needs must be taken into consideration to promote overall performance, which is why our team of dedicated professionals works directly with organizations to ensure that their telehealth services are designed to best support their specific processes and functions.

About Karen Thomas

Karen Thomas is the president of Advanced TeleHealth SolutionsKaren Thomas is a certified management accountant and the president of Advanced TeleHealth Solutions, one of the leading telehealth monitoring companies in the U.S. Karen is a nationally renowned speaker, a lecturer for Missouri State University’s graduate-level Health Care Administration program, and a contributing author to, “Home Telehealth: Connecting Care Within the Community,” published by Royal Society of Medicine Press Ltd. Karen has appeared on numerous webinars and has spoken at dozens of conferences on the benefits of remote patient monitoring, generating enhanced clinical outcomes, patient engagement, and coordination of care. She is a member of the Missouri Governors Innovation Task Force, a past board member of the National Association for Home Care and Private Duty Home Care Association, a member of the American Telemedicine Association and the American Society on Aging, and a past ex-officio member of the advisory board of HealthCare Technology Association of America.

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