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Telehealth Resource Centers

Telehealth Resource Centers have been established across the country to provide assistance, education, and information to organizations and individuals who are actively providing or interested in providing medical care at a distance. The mission of these centers is to assist in expanding the availability of healthcare to underserved populations. And because Telehealth Resource Centers are federally funded, the assistance they provide is generally free of charge.

Funding of Centers

Telehealth Resource Centers are funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Office for the Advancement of Telehealth, which is part of the Office of Rural Health Policy.

Listing of Telehealth Resource Centers

California Telehealth Resource Center

  • Phone: 877.590.8144
  • Serving California

Great Plains Telehealth Resource & Assistance Center

  • Phone: 888.239.7092
  •  Serving North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Nebraska

Heartland Telehealth Resource Center

  • Phone: 877.643.HTRC (4872)
  •  Serving Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma

Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center

  • Phone: 855.MATRC4U (628.7248)
  • Direct: 434.906.4960
  • Serving Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and New Jersey [partial]

National Telehealth Policy Resource Center

  • Phone: 877.707.7172
  • Direct: 916.285.1860
  • Serving all Telehealth Resource Centers and All States

National Telehealth Technology Assessment Resource Center

  • Phone: 877.885.5672
  • Direct: 907.729.4703
  • Serving All Telehealth Resource Centers and All States

NorthEast Telehealth Resource Center

  • Phone: 800.379.2021
  • Serving New England (Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey [partial])

Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center

  • Phone: 888.662.5601
  • Serving Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming and Alaska

Pacific Basin Telehealth Resource Center

  • Phone: 808.692.1250
  • Serving Hawaií and Pacific Basin

South Central Telehealth Resource Center

  • Phone: 855.664.3450
  • Serving Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee

Southeastern Telehealth Resource Center

  • Phone: 1-888-738-7210
  • Serving Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and, Florida

Southwest Telehealth Resource Center

  • Phone: 877-535-6166
  • Direct: 404-712-3868
  • Serving Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah

TexLa Telehealth Resource Center

  • Phone: 877.391.0487
  • Direct: 806.743.4440
  • Serving Texas and Louisiana

Upper Midwest Telehealth Resource Center

  • Phone: 855.283.3734
  • Serving Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio

Additional Resources

Download the Chronic Heart Failure Study white paper.

Chronic Heart Failure Study White Paper

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Download the Advanced TeleHealth Solutions corporate brochure and learn more about telehealth resource centers.

ATHS Corporate Solutions Overview

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Download the Patient Follow-Up Study white paper.

Patient Follow-Up Study White Paper

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The numbers from Advanced TeleHealth Solutions shows significant reductions in emergency room visits and re-hospitalizations, particularly for high-dollar patients.
Dr. Roy W. Holand
I don’t go to the hospital now because I’m able to check my vitals daily and I’m not afraid. I could barely function before, and now I feel safe. The staff is never in a hurry, never too busy for me. It’s a comfort to know that they are watching out for me. It’s like having a whole bunch of friends around all the time.
Vickie Stark
Telemonitoring has been very helpful. In the past, anytime a patient had a problem with blood pressure or a medicine had to be changed, it was very difficult to monitor, and many times we had to bring the patient back to the clinic or we had a nurse go check their blood pressure. Since telemonitoring, it’s really been very convenient, especially for the patients.
Dr. Ovais Zubair
By carefully monitoring the patient several times a day, Advanced TeleHealth Solutions could tell when it was time to make a home visit and administer care. As a result, the patient was much more comfortable and the home visits saved a trip to the hospital. With the budget crisis in the state of Missouri involving Medicaid state management, telemonitoring is such an inexpensive alternative to multiple trips to the emergency room or doctor’s office.
Jan Pelkey