Sharpening Patient Education to Boost Chronic Disease Management

For chronic disease patients, patient education is absolutely vital. Without effective and ongoing patient education, compliance with health and medical instructions erodes, as does self-care, which often leads to an increasing number of E.R. visits or hospital readmissions – all which could have been avoidable.

For patients living with one or more chronic conditions – especially those suffering from devastating inflictions such as COPD, congestive heart failure, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome – it is essential that a pathway be formed to offer round-the-clock health and clinical support, no matter their location.

Using a combination of remote patient monitoring, clinical health call center representatives, and portable telehealth devices, healthcare providers can ensure that their patients are offered unprecedented access to education, tips, and coaching techniques. This is a remarkable resource for maintaining health and satisfaction, as well as imbuing patients with the know-how and tools for performing simple, everyday self-care tasks to reduce the necessity of hospital and doctor visits and cut down on health expenses.

By improving education for patients, providers can guarantee that overall health outcomes are greatly improved, and unnecessary worries and distractions are avoided.

The Role of Employers

Improving chronic care management through patient education is no longer limited to healthcare providers. Many employers are now venturing into this arena, and for good reason. When employees miss work, employers are left to absorb the costs and setbacks associated with absenteeism, lost productivity, and declining workplace morale.

As such, many employers are now including chronic disease management programs into the workplace, many times through employee wellness programs that are designed to keep employees out of hospitals. Improving care options can lower expenses for patients, organizations, and insurers alike.

About Karen Thomas

Karen Thomas is a certified management accountant and the president of Advanced TeleHealth Solutions, one of the leading telehealth monitoring companies in the U.S. Karen is a nationally renowned speaker, a lecturer for Missouri State University’s graduate-level Health Care Administration program, and a contributing author to, “Home Telehealth: Connecting Care Within the Community,” published by Royal Society of Medicine Press Ltd. Karen has appeared on numerous webinars and has spoken at dozens of conferences on the benefits of remote patient monitoring, generating enhanced clinical outcomes, patient engagement, and coordination of care. She is a member of the Missouri Governors Innovation Task Force, a past board member of the National Association for Home Care and Private Duty Home Care Association, a member of the American Telemedicine Association and the American Society on Aging, and a past ex-officio member of the advisory board of HealthCare Technology Association of America.

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